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Countering Today's Greatest Challenge

The climate crisis is a malady that'll take more than one remedy to cure.  We're embracing the nature of this challenge by remaining nimble and adapting appropriately to the shifting policies surrounding the climate crisis.  This allows our team to effectively capitalize upon supportive initiatives while simultaneously driving opposition against the most jeopardizing policies of the day to create the greatest amount of positive change.  

Fighting alongside us is a veritable ecosystem of dedicated local philanthropists, nonprofit organizations, advocates and elected officials, whose contributions, when harnessed together, are the key to rapidly healing our planet.

Learn more about our three main areas of expertise below.

Clean Energy Investments

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has found that electricity production is virtually tied with the transportation sector as the leading generator of greenhouse gas emissions in our country.

This is due to the fact that our electricity is mainly derived from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas.  By transitioning our country's electricity generation to renewable resources like solar photovoltaics, we can effectually triage the detriment to our environment.

The combination of escalating utility tariffs, falling clean energy technology costs and government incentives have fueled a dramatic increase in the adoption of solar photovoltaics, energy storage systems and electric vehicle infrastructure in recent years.

The widespread familiarity of this technology by authorities having jurisdiction, contractors and home/business owners alike make solar and storage deployment a practical and expedient solution.

Reaching a 100 percent clean energy grid would greatly improve our community's air quality, eliminate the disruption and potential contamination of natural habitats and waterways due to the mining process, and provide local, green jobs that are in sync with today's needs.

Investment & Benefaction Opportunities

With your help we are working to fund climate projects of all types and sizes, and offer three methods of participation as outlined below.

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Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Solar Power Purchase Agreements allow nonprofit organizations and businesses to go solar without requiring any capital for the system's construction or maintenance costs.

Organizations simply agree to purchase the clean energy produced by the power system on their site at a predetermined rate for a set number of years.  

Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure the PPA's energy rate is more favorable than the utility's energy rate, guaranteeing that the organization will be saving money from day one.  

Helping to make this possible are tax-equity partners that own the system for the first 6-25 years, realizing a return on investment through monetization of the associated tax benefits (which nonprofits are ineligible for) and revenue from the solar energy payments.

PPAs are a great fit for organizations that are seeking relief from escalating utility costs but lack resources to fund the system themselves.  It's also a great opportunity for accredited investors who have the proper tax appetite and are interested in helping decrease our planet's dependency on fossil fuels.

The most significant tax benefit, which is the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), received an extension in late 2020.  The new schedule keeps the ITC at 26% through the end of 2022, drops it to 22% for 2023, and lowers once again in 2024 to 10% for commercial projects and 0% for residential projects.

Federal ITC Schedule

2021 = 26%
2022 = 26%
2023 = 22%
2024 = 10% commercial & 0% residential

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Clean Energy Loans & Recoverable Grants

We work alongside system owners and benefactors/investors to develop custom financing solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of both parties.

We help establish low-interest clean energy loans and recoverable grants through donor-advised funds (DAFs) and program related investments (PRIs) to provide organizations with a path to system ownership at an affordable cost.

Our goal is to provide nonprofits with financing solutions that generate positive cash flow from day one, making it easier for the nonprofit's board of directors to say yes to clean energy.

We've been able to help nonprofit projects pencil out and get across the finish line when traditional means simply couldn't.  

These financing solutions yield a more favorable long-term financial benefit for organizations than a PPA, and can sometimes enable organizations to procure a larger system that better suits their needs and reduces more CO2 emissions.

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Climate Advocacy Through Nonprofit Donations

Donating to nonprofit organizations by funding climate projects is a great way to amplify your giving. This is because it has both a direct benefit on the nonprofit as well as an indirect benefit on the general public.

For instance, the installation of a clean energy system at a nonprofit's facility not only allows them to shift financial resources away from the utility and back into their mission, but also supports local green jobs and reduces the nonprofit's carbon footprint which we all benefit from.

Furthermore, projects can be incorporated into community education and serve as a model to inspire other local organizations and citizens as well as surrounding communities.

We work with benefactors to develop and administer custom climate programs within their budget.

The programs can be related to solar, energy storage, ebikes, electric vehicles (EV), EV charging stations, tree planting or any other climate-minded initiative you'd like to implement.   

If there's a particular nonprofit organization you'd like to support, we can develop a program specific to that organization.  

If you have a project in mind but need help connecting with the right nonprofit beneficiaries for your giving, we can help pair you through our extensive nonprofit network.

If you don't have a particular project or nonprofit in mind but would like to contribute to nonprofits, we can work together to create a program for you, whether its for tax purposes, through your donor-advised fund, or simply motivated by your dedication to stopping the climate crisis.

We believe that nonprofit giving is one of the most generous and rewarding actions one could take, and we look forward to helping make your contribution reach its maximum potential.

Clean Energy Initiative
Management & Consulting

Hammond Climate Solutions is an expert in managing successful clean energy programs and securing public funding to help augment investor/benefactor dollars.

The initiatives that we manage have provided millions of dollars to nonprofits, helping them become more sustainable while reducing CO2 emissions, lessening local air pollution and reinvesting financial resources back in to into their mission as well as the regional economy.

If you want to support clean energy projects, sustainability projects and nonprofit organizations but need help crafting or implementing a program, we're ready to assist.  

If you're already contributing to nonprofits but want those dollars to simultaneously drive the advancement of climate justice and help end the climate crisis, we can make that happen.

If you're in search of a rebate program, or already know of one, that you can use to compound the benefit of your investment/benefaction, we can help you source and secure it.

If you're in need of independent advice on a prospective clean energy system, we can provide that too.

Your Project's Champion

We're committed to making your project a success regardless of what stage it's at.  Learn more about how we can assist with your endeavor below.

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Clean Energy
Program Management

We turn ideas into effective climate programs, and manage them on behalf of philanthropists and foundations.

We have the pleasure of managing the Solar Moonshot Program, which supported more than 40 solar and storage projects for nonprofit organizations across the U.S. in 2020 thanks to a $1 million budget from Left Coast Fund.  The program received another $1 million in 2021 to continue helping nonprofits afford the switch to solar.

Hammond Climate Solutions manages electric bike "ride off" programs, where participants are loaned an ebike, and every mile ridden is $1 off their loan.  The goal is to get ebikes into the hands of riders who will displace a significant amount of their fossil-fueled commuting with this cleaner form of transportation.

We manage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns, where companies can request a specific climate-friendly campaign or ask us to create an initiative where their funds are used to develop a sustainable program or climate project that we manage and gives back to the community.  Plus, we'll assist with the public relations, showcasing the positive impact of the organizations investment on the community, and its hand in making the world a better place.

Hammond Climate Solutions also manages the San Diego Climate Hub.  The Climate Hub brings together San Diego based organizations to expand and accelerate our collective efforts to achieve the transformational and equitable policy and infrastructure changes required to stop the immediate and dire threat of the climate crisis.  Nonprofit members include Bike San Diego, Climate Action Campaign, SanDiego350, San Diego Coastkeeper and Surfrider Foundation San Diego.

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Clean Energy Rebate & Incentive Shepherding

There are many public funds available for climate-related projects, however, the process of securing funds can be daunting and burdensome.

Hammond Climate Solutions has experience with clean energy projects that have secured and received various types of funding for solar power, energy storage, ebikes and electric vehicle charging stations.

Our expertise can help an organization's dream project become a reality by securing existing public funding to supplement private funds and increase investor/benefactor bandwidth to support additional projects.

We recently helped a local foundation secure $42,000 in rebates from the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (CALeVIP), which when paired with the foundation's grants, will bring EV charging stations to affordable housing developments at zero cost to the nonprofit organization.

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Solar & Energy Storage
Project Consulting

We provide nonprofits and businesses with three types of energy consulting services, which include Energy Audits, Feasibility Studies and Proposal Procurement & Evaluations.  These services are available individually or as a package.  Learn more about the benefits of each offering below.

Energy Audits

We begin by modeling your energy usage against different utility rates to confirm that you're on the most favorable rate schedule.  

This exercise uses well-vetted, industry-leading software that's independent of utility-furnished customer rate comparison web tools.  This allows for an objective analysis of your billing options.  

We'll then develop an information-rich study of your energy consumption, profiling your usage patterns, to give you the best visibility into and control over your energy.  

Furthermore, the study provides custom low-cost and no-cost suggestions for lowering your electricity costs. 

Solar & Energy Storage Feasibility Studies

This process starts by gathering your utility data, which consists 15 or 60 minute interval data (also referred to as Green Button Data) for the trailing 12 months plus a copy of your most recent full detailed energy bill.  

Upon receipt of this information, we'll coordinate a brief discussion amongst all key stakeholders and company personnel to identify your goals and potential concerns for the system.  This conversation is a critical step in ensuring that the solution we specify hits your mark.  

After we thoroughly understand your goals and situation, we'll arrange for a site visit to document your existing electrical infrastructure and site conditions.

All of the information we've gathered is then processed to create a custom clean energy system for your organization.  The custom design in our feasibility study is accompanied with indicative pricing and a transparent cash flow analysis that can be used to supplement grant applications or fundraising efforts.  It can also be used to aid request for proposal (RFP) solicitations or as a benchmark for comparing competitive bids.

Proposal Procurement & Evaluation

We can assist you with the procurement of your clean energy system bids.  If desired, this service can include the sourcing and vetting of prospective contractors through various government agencies, consumer reports and social media platforms.

Once contractors are shortlisted, we can serve as the project liaison to streamline information requests to the organization and facilitate coordination of contractor site visits.

We will provide a detailed evaluation of the proposals you receive.  This goes well beyond the standard comparison of price per watt, equipment, warranties and guarantees, to help you identify the more subtle differences in the proposals.  We'll highlight potential shortcomings, suggest follow-up questions and make recommendations to help you safeguard your long-term investment.  Hammond Climate Solutions recently managed the solar procurement process for the Climate Hub's campus located at University Christian Church in Hillcrest, San Diego.

In short, we're here to be your champion and to ensure a positive experience. We go out of our way to help create solar champions because we know this will promote further adoption of clean energy technology by others, helping create a more just, livable future.

Synergistic Advocacy

While our society has the cost-effective, proven technologies and solutions to stop the climate crisis, we've been encumbered by a lack of political will to make the requisite changes to ensure a just, livable future.

As regions begin taking steps towards building electrification and a zero carbon future, we're witnessing oil, gas and utility companies spending millions of dollars per year to lobby elected officials, create front groups to purposefully mislead the public, produce deceitful marketing messaging and contribute to nonprofit organizations for their allegiance in return (oftentimes asking the organizations to speak out on their behalf even if it’s in conflict with the organization’s mission).

While there are some elected officials who have taken the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge and refuse to take funding from fossil fuel companies (or any political action committee (PAC) money whatsoever), only a small portion of our elected officials have made this commitment.

This landscape makes the path towards change more challenging, however with steadfast coalition building, education, support for ethical candidates in key roles and a relentless pushing of boundaries, we know the change we insist upon is inevitable.

All For One, One For All

Learn more about the steps we're taking to collaboratively produce better climate outcomes below.

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We advocate for bold, inclusive climate action that's consistent with a just, livable future.  

At Hammond Climate Solutions, we invest a significant amount of time into climate coalitions.  These strategic coalitions help to amplify our voice and increase our efficacy.

We educate individuals and organizations about ways to reduce CO2 emissions contributing to the climate crisis, as well as push for systemic changes that create climacteric progress.

Below are just a couple of the many coalitions we’re proud to be members of.  

San Diego Green New Deal Alliance

We are a founding member of this Alliance, which simply put, focuses on climate, jobs and justice, fighting for a zero carbon future by 2035.

In addition to Hammond Climate Solutions being a founding member of the Alliance, our CEO Tara Hammond serves on the steering committee, and our Climate Justice Advocate Shelah Ott is both a leader of the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) subcommittee and a member of the Building Awareness and Support working group.

San Diego Building Electrification Coalition

We are also a founding member of this Coalition, which is group of local organizations coming together to advance electrification in residential and commercial buildings.

We are advocating for a change in local building codes to require that new development and major renovations be all electric.

Building with all-electric systems for space heating, water heating and cooking rather than gas-fueled appliances is essential to meeting San Diego’s ambitious climate goals, improving air quality in our homes and protecting public health.

Our Climate Justice Advocate Shelah Ott, is on the steering committee for the coalition, and our CEO Tara Hammond, is part of the Coalition Building working group.

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Our wellbeing, and that of future generations, hinges upon the local, regional, statewide and national climate policies that are being implemented today.  

We want to ensure that our children reap the potential benefits, instead of the potential fallout, from present-day policy decisions.

We're proudly assisting philanthropists and foundations in the tracking and reporting of climate-related policies, as well as lobbying for climate-related legislation, programs and initiatives designed to stop the climate crisis and advance climate justice.

The details from our curated reporting help benefactors make decisions on what type of climate programs to develop, invest into and support.

We build relationships with elected officials and keep them apprised of our climate priorities and ideas.  

Local clean energy is something that most politicians can agree on when presented with the facts.  It creates green jobs, reduces CO2 emissions, lessens air pollution, stabilizes the grid, minimizes new infrastructure that can cause fires and provides grid independence - all of which is in the public's common interest.

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Solar & Energy Storage
Industry Intelligence

The success of the rooftop solar and storage industry relies heavily on policies that help make the technology affordable for families and businesses.

After witnessing a growing absence of experienced policy, education and advocacy personnel within some of the most reputable local solar organizations, we decided to help fill this void by offering policy services to cleantech companies, to bolster their resilience and amplify their voice against the influential tradewinds of policy.

Our founder, Tara Hammond, has been leading solar industry coalition efforts to defend attacks from California’s investor-owned utility companies for nearly a decade, and has been involved with shaping solar-related legislation.  We have a proven model to protect and expand the solar and storage industry, which includes engaging industry-leading companies looking to make a broader impact.

Mrs. Hammond has been the Chair of the California Solar+Storage Association San Diego chapter since 2013 and is working closely with the Solar Rights Alliance on a grassroots campaign to defend solar from the utilities’ latest attack at the California Public Utilities Commission.

Tailored for a custom fit, our reporting summarizes important updates from various industry-related meetings and emphasizes expected changes with corresponding timelines that can be incorporated into a company’s business plan.  

Hammond Climate Solutions will send alerts when there are key meetings that would be helpful for your representatives to participate in, and will provide content to share with employees and clients when there is the need to engage a broader coalition to fight for the future of solar and storage.

Hammond Climate Solutions’ intel will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and have your voice heard by those at the forefront on the policy battle, while allowing you more time to focus on your business and help move us all closer to a zero carbon future.

We encourage all cleantech organizations to become members of the California Solar & Storage Association, and for all clean energy system owners to join the Solar Rights Alliance.  

With a California Public Utilities Commission proceeding on net energy metering underway, your support now makes a vital difference.  Please join us in the fight to save the future of net energy metering.