“If not us, who?  If not now, when?”
― John F. Kennedy

The Solar Moonshot Program is helping nonprofit organizations across the United States make the switch to solar power.  Grants are available up to $25,000 and priority is given to projects that have additional funding sources and community support.  Grants are made possible by the Left Coast Fund, and the program is managed by Hammond Climate Solutions.  Learn more about the program's status and participants below!

Solar Moonshot Participants

This program has proudly assisted the following organizations in going solar, reducing their carbon footprint while saving money to be reinvested into their mission.  
Learn how the program has helped each organization in their own words by clicking on the images below for project profiles.
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Solar Moonshot Questionnaire

Completing this questionnaire does not imply a grant request is approved. Grants with near-term installation plans will receive priority as it's the goal of the Solar Moonshot Program to get as much solar installed as quickly as possible to help mitigate the climate crisis.  Available funds are limited.