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Solar Moonshot Grant Recipient

Innisfree Village

Crozet, Virginia
“Innisfree is excited to begin our transition to solar power for many reasons! Every dollar that we save on our utility bills is a dollar that can be devoted to the care of our community. Every watt that we generate from sunlight is one less watt generated from fossil fuels. This effort aligns with one of our guiding principles: To promote efforts in the stewardship of the land to acknowledge the reciprocal relationship between human health and the natural environment. Caring for each other and caring for the earth are the same thing to us.”
-Rorie Hutter, Executive Director, Innisfree Village
System Description:
Solar Power System
Environmental Benefit Equivalencies (25 Years)
Coal Burned Icon
Pounds of Coal Burned
Home Energy Icon
Homes' Electricity Use for 1 Year
Forest Sequestration Icon
Acres of U.S. Forest CO2 Sequestration for 1 Year