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Solar Moonshot Grant Recipient

Humane Society

Yelville, Arkansas
"The Humane Society of Marion County is a non profit all volunteer animal rescue group with a shelter nestled within a forest of natural trees in the beautiful Ozark mountains in North Central Arkansas. We are so excited and thankful to receive a grant to assist us with obtaining solar panels for our shelter. Not only will there be economic savings with the solar panels with lower electric costs for the shelter facilities which house our rescued animals; we will also be reducing our environmental foot print. Utilizing sustainable sources of energy benefits the animals as well as the environment for future generations. The Solar Moonshot Program has given us the opportunity to begin our journey to an increasingly more efficient and eco-friendly animal shelter."
- Matthew Marjason, President of the Humane Society of Marion County
System Description:
Solar Power System
Environmental Benefit Equivalencies (25 Years)
Coal Burned Icon
Pounds of Coal Burned
Home Energy Icon
Homes' Electricity Use for 1 Year
Forest Sequestration Icon
Acres of U.S. Forest CO2 Sequestration for 1 Year