Solar Moonshot Grant Recipient

Common Street Spiritual Center

Natick, Massachusetts
“Common Street Spiritual Center has a deep commitment to honoring the Earth and future generations. Anchored in this commitment, in 2018 we organized the Renewable Natick campaign to transition our town into a 100% clean energy future, which resulted in the passage of a resolution to this effect at Natick Town Meeting in Fall 2018. During this campaign, our community began to look into getting solar panels on our building as a way of leading by example. When houses of worship go solar it has an outsized symbolic impact on their neighborhoods, helping to inspire hope that change is possible. We are very grateful for the Solar Moonshot Grant that has made it possible for our community to take this hopeful step forward.”
-Rev. Ian Mevorach, Spiritual Leader
System Description:
Solar Power System
Environmental Benefit Equivalencies (25 Years)
Coal Burned Icon
Pounds of Coal Burned
Home Energy Icon
Homes' Electricity Use for 1 Year
Forest Sequestration Icon
Acres of U.S. Forest CO2 Sequestration for 1 Year