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Hammond Climate Solutions’ Founders are Recognized for Their Leadership

As full-time climate activists we recognize that our line of work is more like a marathon than a sprint, and know just how important it is to pause and celebrate victories along the way.  There have been climate policy wins related to building electrification, transportation and getting cities and big organizations to speak out in support of rooftop solar, which we’ve been proud to be a part of with our amazing coalitions of climate warriors.  We have seen climate program wins as well, such as nonprofit organizations reducing local climate injustices through the Solar Moonshot Program and nonprofits helping make electric vehicles affordable to communities of concern.  In addition, Hammond Climate Solutions’ founders, Tara and Justin Hammond, have won a handful of recent awards for their dedicated, bold climate leadership and vision to create a more just and equitable future. 

Most recently, Tara was presented the Environment Champion Award from Business for Good San Diego, a nonprofit organization led by San Diego-based businesses on a mission to engage the local business community on policy issues, strengthening the community’s wellbeing, quality of life and ability to participate in decision-making processes.  Tara has been an active member of the organization since 2020 through collaborating with other local business owners to get involved in local climate policy and facilitating coalition building between the business and climate communities in San Diego.

A month ago, Justin was named an awardee of his local town council's Hometown Heroes awards.  Hometown Heroes were selected for going above and beyond for their community, and Justin was recognized for his long-standing commitment to helping protect the environment locally and beyond. Today, as co-founder and chief energy advisor of Hammond Climate Solutions, Justin utilizes his expertise to perform feasibility studies and design clean energy systems for nonprofit organizations, large and small business, school districts, local municipalities and a variety of other organizations. 

Last month, our team was thrilled to see that San Diego State University (SDSU) Alumni, the alma mater of all of our current team members, named Tara as one of their 10 Rising Aztecs for 2021.  These alumni are under 40 and have been chosen for their extraordinary career achievements, awards and dedication to their alma mater.  Tara, an SDSU Alumni lifetime member, graduated in 2011 with her degree in public relations.  While at SDSU, she held climate leadership roles on campus, including but not limited to being CEO of  the Enviro-Business Society, the chair of the Associated Students’ Green Love/Sustainability Commission, board member of the GreenFest executive team and the Associated Students’ sustainability commissioner.  Since graduating, Tara has encouraged generations of climate activists to grow and thrive through mentoring those that have come after her, equipping them with opportunities in local climate activism and always creating time to connect with those in her community regardless of how packed her schedule is.

Earlier this year, Tara was also named one of San Diego Business Journal’s 40 Next Top Business Leaders Under 40 for 2021. This is the second time Tara has been selected as an awardee for this category by San Diego Business Journal.  Winners were honored for being young change makers, visionaries, leaders and innovators who are making a great impact on their community.  One of the ways Tara continues to make a positive impact on her community is being an active member of various boards, committees and coalitions, including California Solar+Storage Association San Diego chapter, the San Diego Green New Deal Alliance, Surfrider San Diego, Climate Defenders Action Fund, GRID Alternatives San Diego and the San Diego Climate Hub.  For more on what led her to this achievement, Tara’s acceptance video is available to watch here.

Tara was recently nominated to join the Business for Good San Diego board of directors as well as the California Alliance for Community Energy executive committee.  This summer Tara was re-elected vice chair of the San Diego Community Power Community Advisory Committee (Tara was nominated to be chair but respectfully declined and re-nominated the current chair who is a very strong equity champion). 

Our team is grateful for the many partners and clients that have contributed to our collective impact, from individual activists to local climate organizations and coalitions.  We are firm believers in collaborating with others in order to create a more just and equitable future that works for all. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.