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Fossil Fuel Free Pledge Launches!

As we enter into Earth Month, we recognize the progress we have made battling fossil fuel companies and the climate crisis, but also understand that there is still much, much more that needs to be done.  With this in mind, the Hammond Climate Solutions team, in partnership with other leading San Diego climate organizations, BikeSD, SanDiego350, San Diego Coastkeeper and Surfrider San Diego, could think of no better time than now to launch our newest campaign, the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge.

“We have seen SDG&E and Sempra use funds to erode bold climate policies and push a fossil fuel agenda, which cannot continue as we fight for a just and livable future,” said Tara Hammond, founder and CEO of Hammond Climate Solutions, a pledgee and co-founder of the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge.  “The Fossil Fuel Free Pledge will give the public, voters, donors and philanthropists a greater sense of security knowing that the nonprofits and elected officials they choose to support do not stand behind greenwashing and won’t be compromised by a fossil fuel agenda that opposes climate action.”

The Fossil Fuel Free Pledge holds organizations and elected officials accountable for where their funding comes from.  By taking the pledge, nonprofits and elected officials vow to not accept funding from fossil fuel companies, illustrating their devotion and commitment to combating climate change. 

The pledge is simple:  "We pledge to not take any money from the oil, gas, investor-owned utilities and coal industries, including political action committee contributions, and we pledge to always prioritize the interests of equity, human health, our community, workers and the environment over interests of the fossil fuel industry." 

The campaign lauches with pledgees BikeSD, SanDiego350, San Diego Coastkeeper, Surfrider San Diego and the Environmental Center of San Diego, along with Carlsbad City Councilmember Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel, the first elected official and candidate to take the pledge.  These pledgees have all committed to a transparent and fossil fuel free future. 

“We want to lead by example and send a message to fossil fuel companies who think they can buy their way into continuing to pollute our environment,” said Lucero Sanchez, community policy coordinator at San Diego Coastkeeper, a pledgee and co-founder of the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge.

Our pledge will create greater transparency for the public.  When an organization or individual takes the pledge, they stand behind divesting from fossil fuels and instead supporting companies that prioritize clean energy, green jobs and communities of concern.  In fact, in early March the San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors made the unanimous decision to divest from fossil fuel companies.  This allows the County to invest its money in companies that do not detrimentally impact the environment and accelerate the climate crisis.

“The fossil fuel industry has used its wealth and political power to mislead the public and stymie climate action and climate justice for over six decades,” said Masada Disenhouse, Executive Director of SanDiego350, a pledgee and co-founder of the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge.  “By signing this pledge, organizations and candidates are putting their money where their mouth is and showing the community that they are part of the solution – not part of the problem.”

With the climate crisis worsening, it is now more urgent than ever to say no to fossil fuels and turn to other sources of renewable energy instead.  If you are an elected official or part of an organization that would like to take the pledge and join the movement for a healthier and more equitable future, please fill out the form linked here.

We look forward to expanding our impact and helping more organizations, elected officials and candidates commit to being fossil fuel free!  To stay up to date on the Fossil Fuel Free Pledge campaign, visit